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Investors souring on Nova Scotia’s oil and gas sector

Last year was the first in at least 25 years that the province derived no revenue from petroleum royalties.

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We recently asked our research staff and senior fellows for their thoughts on how Canada’s experience with COVID-19 and the related recession might permanently—at least the next five years—affect Canadians and our economy. In total, we received 19 submissions. Find below the final submissions as selected by our team (after adjusting for duplicates in certain areas such as trade and savings).


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Alberta should fund AER through general tax revenue
Alberta’s energy sector supports more than 500,000 jobs across Canada.

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New book calls for decriminalizing drug use in response to opioid crisis

There were 4,588 overdose deaths in Canada in 2018.

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Alberta facing possible third recession in a little more than a decade

Once you adjust for inflation and population growth, Alberta’s economy barely grew at all between 2008 and 2018.

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Price controls and anti-gouging laws make matters worse

Letting the price of scarce goods rise forces us to use the limited supply of the good for the most important purposes.

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Finance minister can access ‘all money required’ without consulting Parliament

When we learned that the first cases in Canada were from overseas flights, no measures were taken to screen passengers from infected areas.

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Ontario reduces hydro rates yet fundamental problems still plague province’s electricity market

Solar and bioenergy generators absorb 15 per cent of the surcharge yet generate only three per cent of Ontario’s electricity.

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Don’t shoot the financial-market messenger

Financial markets are responding to an induced recession.

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