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Nova Scotia budget is balanced, but concerns loom over debt and taxes

The province projects a $535 million increase in net debt this year alone.

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Interest on government debt—a costly problem for the Rock
Provincial interest payments are projected to equal $2,675 for every man, woman and child.

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Erroneous attacks won’t change data on Nova Scotia education

Provinces PISA scores in all three subjects are below the national average.

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New Brunswick's debt load will climb to an estimated 115 per cent of GDP over the next 25 years.

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In the last 37 fiscal years, the province has only posted seven budget surpluses.

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Adding more expensive renewables will not help Atlantic Canadians already burdened with high energy prices and expenditures.

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In Atlantic Canada, a stunning 20.6 per cent of households were in energy poverty as of 2013.

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In the case of the Atlantic provinces, all four have unemployment well above the 6.8 per cent national average, with Newfoundland's at 12 per cent and P.E.I.'s at 11 per cent.